Things To Consider When Purchasing A New AC

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You can make a great difference in overall cooling cost of your house by getting the correct air conditioner unit. Investing in an AC is a great decision mainly because it isn’t something which comes cheap. But, it must be a well-made decision as the AC will decide if the house is a comfy place to be while the weather is unforgiving outside.
It’s common to anticipate an AC to work efficiently and smoothly as it’s new, which sometimes isn’t the case. On one hand, you mistakenly may purchase an insufficient AC but get it installed properly. On other hand, you might buy the correct AC unit, but get it installed improperly. In fact, over half of the problems with new AC units starts from incorrect installation.Its good to hire AC Repair El Mirage to resolve all your AC system issues.
In fact, it is smart to be informed when you head out for getting a new AC.

Here are a few of the important things you must consider:

EER Rating
Every AC is manufactured for meeting EER standards, which is nearly 10. As you look around, don’t buy anything which goes over 22 with the perfect choice being anything which has EER of 14 at least with your sight set on any which provides higher efficiency. In addition, ensure that your AC has Energy Star label. The energy-efficiency is an essential element worth considering. If the Air Conditioner has high star rating, then it is an energy-efficient system.
Location And Size
You should find out which type of AC you need depending on the place it’ll be installed. For example, air conditioners units installed on ceiling or roof are different from the ones install above window or door. Also, you should determine size of the system, to avoid picking anything that won’t deliver sufficient services. It must be the correct size.
An overly large system will just cool your house quicker than expected still struggle to reach out and maintain the needed temperature. In contrast, a small Air Conditioner will be working double as hard to make sure that it supports desired room temperature that makes it use more energy than what it must. The size of room or the house will decide the type and size of AC to purchase.
BTU Capacity
The system should cool the room or building without any issues. You check the AC for a sticker which has BTU reading which you’ll use to confirm the cooling capacity. The Air Conditioner must be in the line with BTU standard which are dependent on square feet that are to be cooled down. For instance, the Air Conditioner should have capacity of 12000 BTU per hour while heating a region of 450-500 sq ft.
Warranty And Life Expectancy
Installing an AC unit isn’t cheap; thus, you should ensure that you get the money’s worth while you make this kind of an investment. What you get must not cater to you for some years or months prior to it starts having problems. The lifespan expectancy of any Air Conditioner should be no lesser than 15 years. Your system must run without any issues for first few years as well as can work over ten years problem free if it’s serviced on a regular basis. You should ensure that you get manufacturer warranty for the AC and expect warranties to differ from one to another manufacturer.
Installation And Maintenance Needs
The installation needs of the AC will be based on size of the system and installation location. And as manufacturers make diverse model some might have specific requirements for installation, therefore, make sure that what you will get fits snuggly into the desired space at the window, door, wall, or ceiling. It’s essential that installation is performed at the right position and place that guarantees an optimum result by the AC.


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