Flickering lights – What does it mean?

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The invention of electricity is one of the best. It has made our lives easy. All our appliances work on electricity- from lights to the music system, from dishwasher to washing machine, we are totally dependent on electricity. Electric faults should be given immediate attention because as much as it has made our lives easy, it can also get dangerous.
Flickering lights are one of the problems that you may have faced. There are a number of reasons of flickering lights but if we know the symptoms we can rule out what is causing it:

  • If just one light is flickering- When only one light is flickering, it means that the problem is within that one bulb. When the bulb is not properly screwed or badly screwed in the socket, it starts to flicker. You should remove the bulb and re-install it; it should usually solve the trouble of flickering. But in case if it doesn’t solve the problem, you need to check the wiring of the socket. Sometimes when the switch or the outlet has gone bad, the light flickers. Call Electrician El Mirage to check and fix the problem with the light.
  • Light flickers only in the starting and then it illuminates completely- This is entirely normal for the fluorescent and the CFL bulbs. They take time to reach to their full illumination. The flicker should die after a few moments but if doesn’t, it means either the bulb is wrongly screwed in the socket or the trouble is with the outlet.
  • The lights of the entire house are flickering – This is a common occurrence in the windy days or during the thunderstorm. But if the flickering is happening during the normal days that indicates to some serious problem. Sometimes when the voltage of your home is fluctuating it causes the lights to flicker. Loose wiring is also responsible for the flickering of lights. In no condition, you should try to fix the issue by self as it can be highly dangerous. Call an electrician who will detect the cause of the problem and fix the same.

The flickering light is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. It indicates the faulty connections in the circuit somewhere. Damaged wires generate a high level of heat. Old breakers also cause flickering of light. It’s important that you call an electrician to address the problem.
The old and damaged fixture also causes the light to flicker. Damaged fixtures should be replaced by a new one. You can do it by self by following the steps:

  • Turn the power off – Before trying to fix the fixture it’s important to turn off the power. You can do it by flipping the switch off the breaker.
  • Open the fixture cover – It will expose the screws holding the fixture on the wall.
  • Remove the screws – Remove the screws to reveal the wires underneath the fixture.
  • Check the flow of current – With the help of tester check if the wires are carrying the current. Disconnect the fixture wires from the circuit wire.
  • Connect the new fixture with the circuit wire – The process should involve connecting the neutral wire of fixture to neutral wire of circuit, hot wire of fixture to hot wire of circuit and grounding lead to the grounding system of the circuit.
  • Screw the fixture – Screw the fixture after pushing the wires towards the ceiling. Secure tightly.
  • Fix the light bulb – After following all the aforementioned steps, install the light bulb and cover it with the fixture cover.
  • Switch on the power – Turn on the breaker allowing the power supply. Check if now the problem has resolved. If still, you notice the flicker in light, it’s time to call an electrician.


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